Kind of iffy on this game.

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I tried out the demo yesterday on XBLA. I don't know if its just me, but I was pretty underwhelmed by the demo as a whole. I really don't like the art style, it looks bad to me. Combat is ok I guess, the only cool part is the two headed darkness thing. So far they do change up combat to an extent, but it doesn't seem like more than a mindless shooter that is trying to be something different, but ultimately fails. I don't want to come off too harsh on this game, it just doesn't seem to great to me. Anyone else feel this way?

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#2 Posted by Deranged (2020 posts) -

Nope, I love the first game and this one seems just to be more of the first with tighter controls and a different art style.

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#3 Posted by TentPole (1856 posts) -

I'm with Draper on this one.

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#4 Posted by Subjugation (4963 posts) -

I didn't like the art when it was first announced, but by now it has really grown on me. I like it. I haven't played the demo though, so I can't speak to the gameplay elements. I've only watched a video of it.

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I think the graphics look 'great' (8.0), so not 'really great', and not great to the extent I believe is deserves awards, but it's not bad. I'm still disappointed in it a bit although it was a pretty fun demo, though somewhat standard. I think the first still looks fantastic and I think it looks better than its sequel. There's just a lot of it that disappoints me. If it was the same exact game, but with Starbreeze making it and with their engine, I probably wouldn't be disappointed and I'd be looking forward to it more.

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@Phatmac: Wow really?I was rather surprised by the demo.If they were to showcase their game they did it the best way possible.Art styles are always a fical personal thing but to me the gun combat felt really good the guns recoil well and the sounds are loud and booming giving it that actiony edge.The darkness thing is pretty cool but there really wasn't much to show all I found myself doing was picking guys and objects up and throwing them around.I imagine there is more moves in the games but I dunno game seems good but not $60 worth.I'd say $30 or a rent.

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Sucks for you, the demo was pretty good.

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By the time it was over I just didn't care. The original was great (flawed, but still great) but this is just too violent and too concerned with "cool" executions. I mean how many times can you watch the same animations? Violence doesn't offend me, but I'm not 13... Ass-ecutions? Sigh. And the new voice for Jackie is piss weak compared to previous one. Lastly an on-rails section (dragged through the restaurant) for a sequel to a game that was at it's best when you played it at your own pace ... forget it. I feel like they've missed the point of what made the first game good and what they could have improved upon.

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I went into the demo not expecting anything, and it has made this game a must buy for me. So I would disagree with you. I thought the art style is great and does a lot to add to the gory, stylized action.

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The demo was amazing, because I didn't expect anything. I dug the first one because of how different it feels now (played it kind of late). The demo starts and ends with a banger! If it has enough content, I'll get it day one.

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You should play the first one if you're underwhelmed by the combat in the demo. It's so bad! But what made it worth sticking through was the story and I hope I'll be able to say the same about this one when I finish it. And at least I'll have fun shooting people this time around.

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