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How Jackie got his groove back.

The Darkness 2 reviewed by Doc D Strange

First and for most this is my first attempt at a legit review for a game. I play a fair amount of games which interest me, I don't play everything cause I would be broke if I did. Now that that's out of the way let's get in to the nitty gritty.


The darkness game is based on the popular Top Cow comic series about badass hitman turned heart eating monster Jackie Estacado. On his 21st birthday the ancient force of absolute evil know as the Darkness entered the young Mafia button man. Shit goes bad as the Darkness (voiced by Faith No more front man Mike Patton) wants to use Jackie as a vessel for its murderous killing sprees but Jackie struggles to keep control of the Darkness. Darkness 2 is a story about vengeance, the Darkness has been suppressed inside Jackie when the game opens. As the boss of his Mafia family Jackie is on top of his seedy world. Things happen to make the Darkness unleash it's self. The antagonist of the game is a cult out to steal the Darkness from Jackie for

Don't mess with cultist's
Don't mess with cultist's

there own personal gain. People get shot, eaten, gutted and split in half. Just a typical day in Jackie Estacado's life. Now on to the game play which Digital Extremes calls "quad wielding" using the left and right triggers for your gun play and the bumpers as the Darkness's tentacles. The left tentacle is used to grab enemy's or objects, the right tentacle is the slasher. Using all these in combination makes you feel pretty powerful. There are some pretty great executions in the game aswell, tearing a person's skull/spinal cord through there asshole is one of the most entertaining.


The Darkness 2 has a cell shaded comic booky look to it which looks fantastic think along the lines of maybe Crackdown series.

Count the shells
Count the shells

When the game looks its best is when the action get's heated. The faces aren't to good though, when I was playing the mouth's hitched up from the voices once in awhile. Some minor clipping issues aswell. The voice work and audio are superb especially Jackie, Jimmy the Grape and of course Mr. Bungle himself Mike Patton as the Darkness.


The only online style mode is the Vendetta mode which if anyone has played Left For Dead then you know exactly what im talking about. there are four different characters that you can play as online with friends or alone. Jimmy and Dumond being the stand outs in my opinion. Simply put waves of enemy's take them out in murderous fashion.

Is this game any fun

Yes, maybe a renter to most but if you have any love for the first or the comic series then definitely check this shit out. PEACE! Keep gaming and live life to it's fullest.

King me!
King me!

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