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The Deadly Tower of Monsters Review 0

The Deadly Tower of Monsters is a top-down shooter developed by ACE Team in which you play as an astronaut named Dick Starspeed as he crash lands on an alien planet where a tyrannical emperor lives on top of a tower and spreads fear all along the land. Along the way, Dick meets the daughter of the emperor and soon after his robot friend and team up to climb the tower and eliminate the emperor. But what is really happening is that the entire game was really a 70s cheesy sci-fi movie and the enti...

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A good mix of visual charm and intrigue makes the Deadly Tower of Monsters a near perfect sci-fi flop! 0

The Deadly Tower of Monsters is a well contained and enjoyable experience that plays easily enough, so up front if you think you’ll want to play this game and you can afford it, go for it because the story pay off is really good. Now let me list off some thoughts about its individual aspects if you are still on the fence.The Deadly Tower of Monsters’ strongest aspect is its visual style, it captures the style of old sci-fi movies. Everything from the characters, to the monsters, to t...

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A Fun Comedy 0

Where it lacks in gameplay depth it makes up for in its clever humor. The game gives a great comedic feel of a 1950's scifi film. The combat is pretty average and most of the platforming is frustrating but I think the Director commentary makes it worth it. There is some good humor and a fair amount of hidden bits used in clever ways. I feel like it did drag on a bit but it was still a fun play and an easy platinum....

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