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    The Deep

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    Many horrifying creatures roam the caverns known as The Deep at the heart of the moon of Luclin.

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    The Burrower Beast
    The Burrower Beast

    The Deep is a system of treacherous caves leading into the heart of Luclin. The only entrance into the Deep is from the Echo Caverns that neighbor Shadow Haven. Much of this dungeon is inhabited by grotesque and ferocious creatures known as thought horrors. They are as intelligent as they are deadly, and often carry powerful spell scrolls that casters and priests seek. A ways into The Deep, the cramped tunnels open up into a massive cavern with a seemingly bottomless pit that those who have seen it refer to as the abyss. A magnificent bridge spans across the abyss, but it is simply an illusion. Many unwary adventurers have run full speed in an attempt to escape the thought horrors, only to fall through the bridge on their first step and plummet to their doom. The only way across the abyss is over an invisible bridge just north of the illusion. The first time making it across the abyss is a feat that no explorer will ever forget. But on the other side await even deadlier foes.

    The path to the right leads to a large cavern full of tiny burrowers. Slaughtering these worms will only lead to larger waves, in number and in size of worm, of them until, finally the burrower beast will enter the fray. The burrower beast is a worm of mammoth proportions, easily swallowing even an ogre in one strike. It is the beast that created these tunnels, and he is now trapped here, unable to escape the abyss. The path to the left leads to the Den of the Thought Horrors, where their master resides. The Thought Horror Overfiend is a powerful sorcerer who has secretly been investigating the Shissar Empire, learning all he can in preparation for an assault on the great pyramid. How can he do this? In his chamber, there is a secret, one-way passage through the rocks into the slave mines beneath the Ssraeshza Temple.

    Neighboring Zones


    • Deepshade Collective


    Notable NPCs

    • Burrower Parasite
    • Chasm Overseer
    • Greabam the Lost
    • Ferocious Horror Lord
    • Koxiux the Imperceptible
    • Lhurgoz the Decayed
    • Oldencamp the Lost
    • Slavekeeper Xiox
    • Thought Horror Corruptor
    • Thought Horror Overfiend
    • Xeximoz

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