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North Ro
North Ro

The Northern Desert of Ro lies directly outside the gates of East Freeport and spans south to the Oasis of Marr. The Ocean of Tears washes up on the beach to the east. Near an active wizard teleportation spire, a tunnel to East Commonlands can be found. A few inns can be found close to the city walls, but the grass quickly becomes a barren desert scattered with giant spiders, snakes, wandering madmen, and undead. The desert was once the great Elddar forest, home to the elves of Norrath. Legend states it was the most beautiful forest ever seen, and was burned by the god known as Solusek Ro in spite of Tunare. The fires and drought drove the elves to flee to Faydwer and all that remains are miles of sand and occasional remnants of the city of Takish Hiz peaking through the dunes.

The Southern Desert of Ro is where the scorched ancient forest slowly merges into the swamps of southern Antonica. Both druids and wizards can teleport to locations in this desert. Sand giants can often be found roaming the steep slopes of sand, and some lucky adventurers will catch sight of an ancient cyclops. In the center of the region is a dark elf gypsy camp. The southern region of the desert is also another area that has teleport locations built for both druids and wizards, which allows for veteran adventurers to quickly get to the depths of Lower Guk. Several camps of orcs offer a challenge to trolls who have graduated from the tests found in Innothule Swamp.

In February 2006, the three zones of North Ro, Oasis of Marr, and South Ro were revamped and merged into just two zones.

Neighboring Zones


Notable NPCs

  • Ancient Cyclops
  • Erg Bluntbruiser
  • Ortallius
  • Rathmana Allin
  • Sandgiant Husam
  • Scrounge
  • Spoolie Gee
  • Terrorantula
  • Young Ronin

Notable Items

  • Cutthroat Insignia Rings
  • Gargantuan Terrorantula Heart
  • Gargantuan Terrorantula Leg
  • Kilij Plans
  • Ring of the Ancients
  • Scrounge's Claw
  • Terrorantula Silk

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