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    The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Apr 01, 2009

    The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai is a 2D action game created in XNA for Microsoft's "Dream, Build, Play" competition, and became one of the winners of the competition. It is currently available for 800 Microsoft Points.

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    Players control a young man referred to as "The Dishwasher", who rose from the grave to seek bloody revenge. The Dishwasher is armed with two cleavers at first and builds his arsenal throughout the course of his adventure.

    Players hack and slash enemies until they are stunned and are susceptible to a finishing move by the simple press of a button. Players can use a strong or a quick attack, or alternatively opt for a grab move.

    Game Modes

    Story Mode

    There are 14 levels of story mode and 5 difficulties:
    • Easy
    • Normal
    • Ninja
    • Samurai
    • Tourney
    The levels are listed below.
    Note: During story mode there is a Guitar mini game in where you must press the correct button as it hits the middle box. Getting over 70% will earn you a pick, which is used in upgrades.

    Arcade Mode

    Arcade Mode is comprised of 50 levels.  Each includes a number of rooms featuring a set number of enemies.  Each has  its own theme and equips you with two specific weapons and one magical power. These rooms can be played cooperatively with two or three people (however three person coop is unranked).  Additionally, according to the Ska Studios founder James Silva the Arcade rooms will sometimes employ certain modes such as:

    • Vampire:  Your health is constantly being drained, but monsters give more health when killed.
    • Bullet Time:  All monsters move at half speed.
    • Aerials:  Monster are only damaged while airborne. Learn those air combos!
    • Instakill:  Everything deals 4x damage, so baddies turn into red mist pretty quickly.

    In the Arcade modes you do not play as the Dishwasher but as one of two Cyborgs Hunters. Thought at this stage to be called Loïc (the blue guy) and Hargreaves (the red guy). At this stage it is  unknown who or what the third co-op character is.
    The levels are listed below.

    Practice Mode

    Practice your moves here.

    Dish Challenge

    Fight off wave after wave to compete for the highest score.  This is sort of like the standard game arena, ranking overall score and a weekly rush score. This one is all about combos.  The way scoring works is a bit like Tony Hawk–the more hits and kills you get, the higher your multiplier is. Your multiplier is accumulated while you keep a combo running.  How can you tell a combo is running?  There’s a little red progress bar under your combo count that let’s you know–once the bar runs out, your combo ends and the combo score x multiplier is added to your current score. This leads to some super-addictive game play–the challenge for Dish Challenge is not to survive the level (well, it isn’t a cakewalk either) but to do it as one long combo. 


    Melee Weapons

    All unlocked weapons in the game can be upgraded via the Halperbotshop. Each weapon has it's own version of the combos.

    • Meat Cleavers: The weapons you start the game with, the Dishwasher dual wields them. Using the right stick or holding LT and using the Left stick makes the Dishwasher do rolling dodges.
    • Shift Blade (The Samurai Sword): The Dishwasher obtains this from the first boss in the game. The weapon grants teleporting abilities which replace rolling dodges when using the right analog stick. Uses Shadow Samurai Technology.
    • Kama (The Scythes): Similar to the cleavers as they are duel wielded. Possibly replacing the meat cleavers in later levels. Uses Blade Frenzy.
    • Chainsaw: A chainsaw with Ultimate Destructive Capabilities.

    Long Range Weapons

    • Machine Gun/Shotgun : Regular attack uses the sub machine gun while heavy attack uses the shotgun.

    Dish Magic

    • The Dishwasher can use magic by the use of green skulls.


    Story Mode

    1. Foghorn Cafe
    2. Ivy Trail
    3. Gray Fortress
    4. St. Crux Cemetery
    5. Nord Trainyard
    6. Drome Rail
    7. L'Opera Dramatique
    8. Meatron District
    9. Grave Chapel
    10. Mono Catacombs
    11. Cam Rooftops
    12. Cam Lobby
    13. In Processing
    14. Cam Cove

    Arcade Mode

    • Get Your Feet Wet
    • Swatfed!
    • The Pitt
    • Bridge To Nowhere
    • Ogremania!
    • Robot Death Cube
    • Skavoovie!
    • Rooftop Jocks
    • Jet Smashers
    • Night At The Opera
    • Alley Rumble
    • Flying Cleaver Style
    • Paybill Revenge
    • Zombie Smashers Yo!
    • If You Were A Tree...
    • Stone Cutting
    • One Way Ticket
    • Rooftop Rampage
    • Enter The Catacombs
    • Freaks And Geeks
    • Hostile Takeover
    • Tricky Narrows
    • Process This!
    • Skyscraping!
    • Fear The Technology
    • Shotty Creeps
    • Swat Syrup
    • L'Opera Robotique
    • Skulls Of Frustration
    • Commandos, Living And Dead
    • Vulkies And Vikes
    • It's Raining Zombies
    • Back To The Street
    • Cemetery Man
    • The Killing Yard
    • Death Is Coming!
    • Ranting At The Opera
    • Green Skull Vengeance
    • Boardroom Bloodbath
    • Altered States
    • Doc's Last Stand
    • Ubertanked!
    • Zombies From Space!
    • The Labyrinth
    • Vikings Don't Do Dishes
    • Robot Rampage
    • It's Gray!
    • I <3 Halloween
    • Boardroomblitz
    • Final Showdown

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