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    The Dishwasher

    Character » appears in 3 games

    One badass undead Samurai former Dishwasher.

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    The Dishwasher is an undead samurai with mysterious skills and powers.  He lost his heart during a prematurely halted cyborg assimilation procedure, but somehow survives as neither a living human nor as an artificially living cyborg.

    The Dishwasher has many different Weapons and Abilities, including Magic and Combos.

    His Melee weapons include:

    • Cleavers - The Dishwasher starts off the game with duel wielding meat cleavers. When equipped The Dishwasher can scale walls and dodge.
    • Shift Blade - The Shift Blade is acquired by defeating the first boss of the game. It is a Samurai sword with "Shadow Samurai Technology" which gives the Dishwasher the ability to transport, replacing his dodge.
    • Kama - Duel wielded scythes.  
    • Chainsaw - A chainsaw with "Ultimate Destructive Capabilities"

    Ranged weapons include:
    • Arsenal - Submachine Gun/Shotgun. The machinegun is used with normal attack while the Shotgun uses Heavy Attack.

    Dishwasher Magic


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