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The Divide: Enemies Within is a 1996 science-fiction action game developed by Radical Entertainment that was released on both PC and PlayStation. It is notable for having many elements in common with Super Metroid, and may be the first 3D game designed in the "Metroidvania" style. You play as the pilot of a Terragator (Terrain Navigator) mech stranded on an alien world in search of your partner after being attacked by local wildlife.

Similar to the Metroid formula, your mech starts off with all of its parts having been scattered throughout the world. As you find parts and upgrade your mech, you'll gain abilities necessary for accessing new areas. There are a total of seven areas in the game, several bosses, and two endings (based on a binary choice player makes after defeating the final boss).

Developed prior to the PlayStation Dualshock controller, the player is limited to using the directional pad for control and uses every button on the controller. In addition to basic controls, the game features a simple camera system (side view, top-down view) and a 3D map system. The player must also find special rooms in order to save their game, recharge their energy and weapons, and teleport.

Power Ups

Jumper (allows the player to jump)

Leaper (allows the player to double jump)

Speeder (allows the player to run)

Gripper (prevents slipping on icy surfaces)

Transporter Key (enables transportation between warp rooms)

Heating / Cooling Units (maintains temperature in extreme conditions)

Energy Canister (increase your maximum health by 100 units)


Pulse laser (default weapon, infinite ammo)

Gatling Cannon (more powerful than the Pulse laser)

Flame Laser (constant stream of fire)

Particle Blaster (a small spray of powerful, concussive projectiles)

Rocket (highly explosive rockets)

Sub Weapons

Grenade (used to damage enemies and destroy certain blocks)

Smart Missile (homing missiles)


Maps 1, 2, 3 (reveals explored, unexplored, and secret areas)

Armor 1 & 2 (increases defense)


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