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    The Dreadlands

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    The Dreadlands is a massive region in western Kunark.

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    The Dreadlands
    The Dreadlands

    The Dreadlands the largest region in the known world of Norrath. It offers several different types of terrain and a myriad of creatures to hunt. Dreadlands closeness to the elven outpost of Firiona Vie makes it an ever popular location for those arriving from Faydwer. Upon entering from Firiona Vie, the region appears to be a grassland full of trees and other foliage, but not far to the west is a desert that spans for what seems like forever. In the center of this desert is an enormous citadel known as Karnor's Castle, an ancient stronghold of the Iksar Empire centuries ago. Surrounding the castle are an army of terrifying creatures known as drachnids. These half-dark elf, half-spider abominations are said to be the work of Mayong Mistmoore, the vampire lord of Faydwer. The castle itself is guarded by a race of dog-like people known as drolvargs, who detest all visitors. To the north are passages to the Frontier Mountains and The Burning Woods. After crossing the expansive desert, after another patch of grasslands, one will meet a massive glacier that has been inching its way across the continent for millenia. The grassland quickly become a frozen flatland that rises into some of the tallest, snowy peaks in all of Norrath. In the flats of the ice stands a fort built by the giants native to the region. And seen wandering through the mountains is Gorenaire, an ice dragon cleric from the Ring of Scale. She has become the target of many paladins, for a white dragon scale is required for their most epic of quests. Those able to get around her and the countless yeti that inhabit the mountains will find a tunnel passage that leads through the glacier. On the other side of this tunnel is a lush grassy area known as the Lost Valley. This valley is home to the most in-tact remnants of the Combine Empire seen anywhere in the known world of Norrath. A large outpost stands here, mostly untouched, along with the towering wizard spires just like the ones seen in Toxxulia Forest, North Karana, and Greater Faydark. Through these spires, and the nearby druid ring, many travelers arrive to the continent of Kunark.

    Neighboring Zones


    • Agents of Mistmoore
    • The Kromdek
    • Mayong Mistmoore
    • Pack of Tomar
    • Ring of Scale


    Notable NPCs

    • Baldric Slezaf
    • Gorenaire
    • Mountain Giant Patriarch
    • Wulfare Lonewolf
    • Wraithbone Champion

    Notable Items

    • Axe of the Iron Back
    • Crag Giant Choker
    • Dragon Bone Bracelet
    • Dragon Hero Bracer
    • Forest Loop
    • Giant Grub Digger
    • Giant Tree Flayer
    • Hammer of Flattening
    • Hierophant's Crook
    • Kavruul`s Mystic Pouch
    • Leg-Chopper
    • Lost Staff of the Combine
    • Mantle of the Brae
    • McVaxius` Horn of War
    • Orb of Tishan
    • Prayers of Life
    • Runed Bolster Belt
    • Shield of the White Dragon
    • Tree Weave
    • Warhammer of Divine Grace
    • White Dragon Hide
    • White Dragon Scales
    • Wraith Bone Hammer
    • Yeti Fur-Lined Sleeves

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