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The Edel makes his entrance on the final stage of Super Robot Wars Z, as ZEUTH attempts to find a way into Junius Seven. He promptly reveals that Edel Bernal was a mere creation of his; he proves this by making her dance before wiping her out completely. After questioning ZEUTH's reasons for fighting, he challenges them to combat.
If Rand is the main character, the player fights three copies of The Edel that must be destroyed in the same turn. If Setsuko is the main character, the player fights one The Edel with much more HP.
After The Edel is defeated, he opens the path to Junius Seven, but reappears in an attempt to prevent the two Idiosyncratic Points ( Kei Katsuragi and Olson Verne) from reaching the colony and correcting the chaotic world. The chosen main character then attacks The Edel, and they both disappear in a bright flash.

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