Over ten years old and this game is still quite impressive..

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Just the sheer scale of it! I find it quite fascinating that the world is SO big that it will take days of real time to reach a town in a different province if you walk. Sure, the terrain is all randomly generated bull in between the towns, but I still think that's pretty impressive.

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It's actually sort of fitting that the spaces between the "important" parts of the game are randomly generated, as Tamriel was apparently the campaign setting for a D&D game that folks at Bethesda were playing. Dungeon masters make shit up all the time to make a world seem more fleshed out and real.

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I really hope in the next generation they can start bringing some of that variety back in, I loved morrowind, oblivion and skyrim, but they do get more and more restrictive with each iteration. I know the older ones are even more expansive.

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