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#1  Edited By Nate

There are websites full of ways to scam your way to fortune and fame in the land of Tamriel. What are some of the ones you've used with success? 

My personal favorite was going into a shop, stealing an item on a shelf near the door, getting caught, and then going to the wall that directly faced the door (but stay in the shop part, not the entryway). When the guards come through the front door they try to walk through the wall to get right to you. They of course get stuck there. The great part is, you can wack them through the wall and pile there bodies high in the hall, then take all the stuff off their dead bodies.

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#2  Edited By farmer

Just the basic levitation out of a dungeon was my favourite. It's just so simple, I'm amazed they didn't find it during testing.

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