Adventures in Morrowind: Journal Entry #3

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21 Last Seed, 3E330

I awoke with a very bad hangover. I stumbled downstairs and bought a potion from the barkeep and drank it quickly and left. I gave the note to Maurrie. She was very pleased. Apparently Nelos was going to meet her. She told me to visit someone named Emisette Braques in Tel Aruhn. Duly noted.

After a few hours, I reached Balmora. The first thing I did was head over to the South Wall and found Caius Cosades’ house. I gave him his package and he told me that the details of the package said that the Emporer wanted Cosades to make me a Novice in The Blades. The Blades are the “Emperor’s eyes and ears of the provinces.” I accepted of course.

His first orders to me were to join some guilds, do some work, and hone my skills. He said to be prepared for what is ahead. He said I can use his house for the time being. I decided to do what he told me, and not request my orders until I was skilled enough.

I asked around town and I heard that the South Wall Cornerclub is the Thieves Guild hideout. Sugar-Lips Habasi, a Khajit, is the head of the guild in Balmora (there are posts across Morrowind). I asked to join, and was accepted. My first job was to steal a diamond from Nalcarya the Alchemist from her shop across town. Nightfall would be best, I thought.

I had some time to kill, so I bartered with some local traders, repaired my armor, and spent some time in the book store. You can learn a lot from books.

At 1 a.m., I broke into Nalcarya’s shop. She was asleep when I snuck in. Quietly I looked around for any sign of a diamond. I noticed a small locked box on a shelf above her bed, so I stealthily reached over her and picked it up and brought it downstairs. I picked it open and found 3 diamonds. I got out of there and returned to Habasi.

Habasi gave me an invisibility potion (would have preferred gold) and promoted me to “Wet Ear.” I asked about other jobs, and Habasi told me she wants the key to Nerano Manor. I could either get the key from Ondres Nerano or his servant Sovor Trandel at the Council Club. I’m going to sleep first. I’ve had a long day.

I was just attacked in my sleep by an assassin! I awoke with a dagger pressed to my forehead I moved my head, grabbed my dagger and stabbed the assassin 7 times (I think) and pushed him off me. All the time, Caius was passed out, and still is. I think he has a skooma problem. I’ll ask him about this assassin in the morning. I’d dispose of the body but I want Caius to see him, just in case if he knows or not. Hopefully it won’t stink when I awake.

I’ve been here 3 days and I’ve almost been killed more times than I’d like to think. This place is not very welcoming.

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This is excellent. Keep it up!

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More please

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@Poppduder: @thisisalan:

Thanks for reading, I'm glad you like it. I'll be posting one everyday.

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