Can this GPU run this game?

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Ok, so I finally decided to give this game another go after playing Oblivion to death, and since I heard so much praise on how this is better then Oblivion, I finally said what the hell and decided to get it. However,I decided to get it on PC because its Nigh impossible to find this game on XBOX and I heard the PC version is liek infinetly better, although I would have perfered it on my console because of convenience. But never the less, im stuck with the question of wether or not my dated GPU can run this game at its aboslute Peak. I have a Radeon HD 3450. Everything else about my comptuer should be well more then enough for it. 2gbs of RAM, Intel Core duo and all that. Again, while I wouldve perfered this on XBOX because this is not my computer (its the familys) and its in another room then my room, I guess ill have to get it on PC, and I assume I should aim for the GOTY edition to get that Wherewolf Addon and all that.
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Maybe you can run Daggerfall. Maybe.

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Yes, you can run the game.
If you ever get a new video card you can upgrade to the fan made graphics patches and make the title look like Oblivion.

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Yes, I'm pretty sure it'll work.
Xbox version blows, 10 FPS in one of the towns is horrible, along with ridiculously long load times. Then again maybe playing it on the 360 instead of the original xbox fixes that.

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Well, my issue with this is Im going to probaly get it off steam, and from what I can tell by just trying to DL a demo of Half Life 2, itll take me multiple hours to download, which is rediculous given the fact I have Fios, which is decent internet atleast.

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Dude totally. I could run it on a Radeon 9800 pro, which was like four generations younger than yours.

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Make sure your download speed in Steam is set to the correct speed, and make sure the download location is closest to you.
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The HL demo is fucked. It gets suspended midway through. At that point you have all the files to play the demo, even though the bar isn't full.

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Are you guys messing with this guy? 
I ran Oblivion perfectly with an X850 and my ancient P4 2.4c. 
A core2duo and 3450HD is complete overkill for Morrowind.  You'll be able to run it max settings at 200 fps.

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How do you know whats your correct speed or how do you set that up in STEAM?
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My Intel GMA 950 laptop ran Morrowind flawlessly on Max settings. 
Crappiest graphics chip of the end of the first decade of the 21st century...

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What's up with people asking if they run can Morrowind lately?

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I have this feeling we might have just gotten trolled >_>

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@Green_Incarnate: I think people are getting impatient with Bethesda not announcing Elder Scrolls V and have decided to jump into Morrowind to get their Oblivion experience in the mean time.
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Yeah, I don't know why he thinks he can't play Morrowind on his pc.  I was able to play Oblivion with 30 fps with a 1.8 ghz processor and a Radeon 9550.  Low settings of course, but still.  No, you know what, I think you might be best off trying to see if you can run Daggerfall like that other dude said, MAYBE you could run that with a couple settings lowered.
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Dude, the game'll run fine. 
Don't worry, I'm an IT specialist.

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Yep I had old crap ass Acer with and Intel GPU and ran it with better bodies/better heads mods. With that card you can get some of the beautification mods no problem.  
Check tesnexus and/or elderscrolls vault theres a shit ton of great mods for that game.

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I actually got this game running on an 701 EeePC, so you should be fine.

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