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Basically, recently I purchased The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind-Game of the year edition from Steam recently as it was on sale. I love Oblivion and Skyrim, and thought I'd finally try out Morrowind. So far its a lot of fun, I'm enjoying it etc etc, however as it's on pc i want to have some fun with console commands to become bad ass. I haven't got the usual problem of the console command coming up, that works fine. I'm typing in the correct commands E.G. player.setfatigue 250, and it highlights the command like a lavender colour, which i assume is "ok" as other things it comes up saying basically doesn't understand that code. However which ever code i type in, it doesn't seem to work. my levels aren't going up, my stats, i cant walk on water or breath under water indefinitely, and i definitely can't jump over buildings, which i was lookin forward too. sorry if this bored you, but i'm really confused on this one.

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It's working now, thanks very much for your help

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