Anyone ever have these issues with textures on the Steam version?

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#1 Posted by kamolahy (155 posts) -

I can't figure out how to fix this... been poking around for a couple of days now...

Anyone know much about this?

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Open up the console and try TLL

It toggles land level of detail on and off.

If you're using texture replacers, make sure archiveinvalidate is properly set.

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#3 Posted by kamolahy (155 posts) -

So I did the TTL thing and it fixed some nearby textures... I went out to a different location and the lighting/color was all funny... kinda like this...

Went into the graphics settings and turned on the distant lands because my rig is good.. got this...

I"ve done little modding. I did put Qarl's newest texture in there, but I don't understand why I could go and delete all the Steam files as well as anything in the /mygames folder and yet after a re-install I still get the issues...

I've run OBMM and run the "Archive Invalidated" tool and so I'm not quite sure what's up...

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#4 Posted by kamolahy (155 posts) -

The saga continues..

so I found that some console commands helped and primarily the "tlb" command was the key to the weird colors and everything. So now I'm working on this issue...

Not so "natural"

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