Do non-Steam save files work for the Steam version??

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I own the game on a disc and I think this copy is damaged because the game has been crashing and acting weird, though i fixed the ram and formatted the PC 
 So i wanna buy the 6 dollar Steam version, but if my non-steam save files can't be used in Steam, i think i'll pass on the purchase 
Does Steam support the same save files from a non-steam hard copy or not ?

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@Ahmad_Metallic: I think so. save files are saved in the 'oblivion' folder inside 'my documents' not the steam folder.

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Yes, they'll work.

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@defaulttag said:

@Ahmad_Metallic: I think so. save files are saved in the 'oblivion' folder inside 'my documents' not the steam folder.

@Chrisbbq said:
Yes, they'll work.
 You guys are sure right? thanks btw. 
Also, do Steam "respect" all non-Steam games' saves locations like Oblivion (be it My Documents or Local or Roaming in Appdata), or not all games? does it use the Steam folder to store the saves of steam-only games ONLY?
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@Ahmad_Metallic: All of my Oblivion saves are in My Documents. I am pretty sure you'll be fine. If not start again and have a couple hundred hours of fun.

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