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An amazing game that any fan of RPG's should own

     The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion is literally the deepest game I have ever played.  There is no limit on what to do in this game.  From going to a city's main castle and kicking over the guards dinner on the floor, to robbing the local sword shop of everything they own.  There is no shortage of fun in this game, so lets get started.

     The player starts off in a prison, unknowing of their own crime, when the king of Cyrodill walks in and explains that "he is the one" and you are whisked away to begin your quest that the King gives you.  This is also where the player chooses his class, race, skills and attributes.  During this confrontation, you will find out that there is no shortage in awesome voice acting.  Everything is nailed to a T.

     Once you are out of the prison and the king gives you the main story quest, you can completely ignore it and start on the numerous side quests, exploring caves and tombs, robbing stores for loot, or go on a killing rampage.  There are consequences to actions, the city guard will attack if you do decide to perform some illegal actions.  Literally no limit to things you can do in the world of Oblivion.

     Leveling up in this game is different then what you would expect in an RPG.  Spells (fire, ice), weapons (swords, blunt, staves), to armor (heavy, light) has their own category.  Each time you use these things, the more and more powerful these things will become.  Once you level one of these categories, your character will level up and you will become stronger. 

     Cyrodill is the most beautiful game I have ever seen in my 15 years of living.  To sunsets, thunderstorms, and sunny days, everything just looks great.  The environments look amazing too. Forests, caves, and buildings all have an extraordinary detail to everything.  However, buildings and caves all have the same layout, with the occasional special tomb or building that is probably in the story.  The game runs great, with no hiccups in frame rate.

     Combat is another great feature in Oblivion.   Players use the left trigger to use a shield, if equipped, and the right trigger to use a sword, axe, or other many weapons of choice.  Players will also use the right bumper to use spells that are eqipped.  This all conjures up in the pot of awesomeness to make combat a seamless experience that is an amazing revolution.

     Any fan of RPG's will be awed by this masterpiece.  I really cannot explain my love for this game.  It just must be played by everyone.  From downloadable content that adds to the experience, it is almost impossible to not play this game over and over again.  I logged easily 200 hours, and anyone can.

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