How's this game doing?

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Despite my saying some unkind things about the beta and the game getting reviews that basically agreed with my complaints, I always had a vague desire to check it out at some point once the starter areas were somewhat depopulated. How do you people still playing the game A) feel about it after having some time and B) perceive its future?

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I think it's pretty good. It could be better. I think the grouping is terrible and playing with friends is frustrating but it's fun enough when the stars aline and things work. It seems like they're planning on releasing a lot of content in the future so I have high hopes for it being supported for a long time. I've seriously slowed down on how much I'm playing though recently and have been debating if I should cancel my subscription since I've just been messing around with FRACT instead.

The grouping is absolutely atrocious though. This game instances EVERYTHING and doesn't allow you to join anyone elses which really hampers the time I spent with my friend. So basically don't try to play this game if you want to play with anyone else. And there's a ton of gold spamming in chat.

Also no skooma :(

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I played up to level 12 and I just can't play this anymore. It's not a good MMO, let alone a good Elder Scrolls game. I've heard people say that the quests were more Elder Scrolls-y than MMO-y, but almost every single one I've done has involved " go talk to this person and then this person and then this person ", or " go kill some of these things and then talk to me. "

The world is also incredibly uninteresting to look at and boring to explore, the loot sucks and looks boring, and the combat is just a way more clunky version of Skyrim's combat. There is literally not a single reason to play this over something like WoW or FF XIV, even if you are an Elder Scrolls fan (which I am).

Of course, at the end of the day, this is just my opinion, but....I don't know. I just don't see why anyone would wanna keep playing this game.

EDIT: I should mention I'm playing a Nord. I'm super tempted to restart as a new character, though, just so I can see if the other environments are more interesting.

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