Which DLC to buy/play?

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I just finished the original content in ESO, only took me 320 hours. But now I'm looking to tackle some of the dlc but I'm not sure which to get. Mainly because the descriptions are pretty vague. I'm bascislly only looking for dlc that includes story quests and I don't want to do any group stuff. Thanks duders!

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If you can figure out how to buy it....the Morrowind and Summerset expansions(and recently Elsweyr) are the next steps.

Imo unless you've been buying everything upon release, the upgrade path is convoluted. I got base ESO before Morrowind, but never really played it.

Wanted to get into it, and now I 1) have zero idea if I have any of the other expansions(now anyone that buys the latest expansion gets everything) and 2) have no idea how to get the previous stuff without buying the base game again.

So if you happen to figure it out, lemme know hahaha.

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@xanadu: I really should try this game sometime. Did you use a controller or MKB ?

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@rorie: I'm using a gamepad. And I play all other mmos mouse and keyboard, even in ffxiv (still needed macros for tanking dgns). But ESO feels designed for a controller. You really only need to use your 6 primary skills in combat which you can assign to any face or shoulder button you want. In fact, I've found a good set of skills that I've stuck with for a while so I've turned the skill UI along with a few other normal mmo UIs completely off. It looks very clean.

@reap3r160: all of the old dlc is in the crown store in game. I'm pretty sure you have to buy everything piecemeal. I was originally planning on taking that route but realized it would be pretty expensive to do that.

If you rather not do that, you can sign for eso plus which includes all of the older dlcs. Pretty sure you still have to buy the newest expansion (elsewyere) even if you have eso plus. It's def an awkward system but I'm pretty sure that's how it all works.

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@xanadu: Ah okay. Yeah I looked into it and it looks like each piece of DLC(story stuff only) is 3500 crowns(I believe) which is about $30USD....

I might just bite it and buy elsweyr on a secondary account, Paying for ESO+ over the time it'd take me to play all that DLC would be WAY more than $60 hahaha.

Not really sure what you can do though, since you already have hundreds of hours sunk into it, doesn't really seem to be a good way to get the expansion content :/

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Hello! The DLC stuff surrounding ESO is quite weird. I can't speak to all of them, but I can speak for some of the earlier ones. In terms of DLC that mostly want groups, you can pass on the Imperial City DLC and Shadows of the Hist DLC.

For your first DLC I would recommend Orsinium. Real pretty zone, some real fun orc lore, main quest there is also pretty great. After that the Thieves Guild DLC and Dark Brotherhood DLC are both fun and pretty much mostly solo friendly stories. All these DLCs add a new landmass to explore and do random things in, as well as the main story quests.

Once those are out of the way you get into where they started calling them "expansions", even though some of them don't feel any bigger then Orsinium. Morrowind is pretty great if you have any nostalgia for TES 3.

The more recent stuff I can't speak too, as I haven't touched ESO since Summerset, but the above ones should offer you many hours of entertainment should you pick them up.

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@xanadu DLC generally come in the form of either Story, Dungeon or PVP. Then there are the expansions which of-course include all of the above. You can pay the monthly fee and get all DLC for "free" but not the expansions.

I think the story goes like this Orsinium -> Morrowind (E) -> Clockwork City -> Summerset (E) -> Murkmire -> Elsweyr (E). I think they can be played in any order but there are some connections to previous content when playing (re-occuring characters etc), but nothing major.

With Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood also being Story DLC but I kind of disliked since they require you to grind their skill lines to experience the story.

@rorie Controller works for ESO I usually do solo questing and stuff with a controller on my couch. However considering that it has a softlock targeting system (i.e. your reticle needs to be on your target) at a certain point you are faster with a mouse. That's something that only really matters in pvp and end-game pve of course.

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