A broken console command in Skyrim-help appreciated

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I've put over 160 hours into my Steam copy of Skyrim, and I've really enjoyed the mods through the Steam Workshop. But I don't know if it was because of those or something else I did, but when I try to use the "help" console command, I get nothing relevant back. It simply says this:

" filters: 0-all functions 1 2-settings 3-global 4-other forms"

this happens almost regardless of what I enter. "help iron 0", "help iron 4", "help iron". I don't know how long it has been like this. The only thing that gets a different response is a search for anything shorter than two letters, and when I do, it's jibberish.

entering "help ir" returns "the entrance to Sky Haven Temple"?

entering "help sp" returns "DIAL: MQArngeirNoSpeakTopic (0007ara8) '...' "

Crazy, right? Is there a way to fix this, or should I just uninstall my mods until it works again?

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@AgentJ: That is pretty much what help is for; a directory to find everything else. "help XX YYY" will still only read the string "help" without any more context, because XX and YYY are not proper string attachments.

Help is not broken, you're just not using it correctly :P


Without knowing what you're specifically looking to do, hopefully the link still helps.


Searching through both of these can probably give you the proper commands and names of files.

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