Breezehome Problems....

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so today i went to empty my things and store it in my humble abode, and so i did just that. after walking aroung for a while, i remembered that there was something that i forgot and i went to go get some stuff, but when i went in the house, everything was gone.

I play on ps3, so icant really do any commands to get the stuff back, but does anyone know a way to get them back??

is this a glitch with this house (all the houses???) and has anyone else had this happen to him/her?


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Did you put the stuff in chests or on shelves? If you are placing things out in the open(shelves, tables, ect) before you place anything in your house drop it all on the floor in an open room and leave/re-enter the house.

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In chests.

Edit: I just checked, everything i put on shelves/tables/bookshelves/racks are still there, just the things in the chests are "missing"

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