Dawnguard PC release?

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#1 Posted by Veektarius (6276 posts) -

The 30 day exclusivity deal had people thinking Dawnguard would be out in a few days, but there's been no Steam advertising. Is it time for me to moderate my expectations?

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#2 Posted by SefaRed (136 posts) -

Microsoft probably wouldn't allow any kind of advertising for other versions until the exclusivity is done. I'm kind of hoping for a quick release, but I doubt it'll be the instant the deal runs out. Can't remember what happened with the Fallout 3 DLC.

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#3 Posted by ShockD (2487 posts) -

I'm anxiously waiting for it as well :(

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#4 Posted by Moonshadow101 (754 posts) -

Same. I'm also hoping that Microsoft has some kind of gag order on the other versions, and that's what's keeping the advertisements in check. But the line between rational conclusions and wishful thinking is awfully thin in a case like this, when we have virtually no information at all to go on.

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#5 Posted by l4wd0g (2386 posts) -

Yeah, I'm hoping for a Thursday morning surprise.

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