Dawnguard waypoint busted.

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Anyone else unable to start Dawnguard because the waypoint is busted? The questmarker for me is placed in the mountains to the south where you can't reach and the waypoint on the compass leads me to Riften then back out of Riften and just loops. And if I try to walk to Fort Dawnguard on the map it still says you cannot go any further.

Isolated incident or Dawnguard busted from the word go?

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Worked fine for me three hours ago. There is cave you must go through to get there, so maybe try that? I'm sure there is a video on Youtube.

Also, it is pretty busted, it has already frozen on me 3 times. Fucking open beta did jack shit.

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Another fine release by the folks at Bethesda.

I really do appreciate you console chaps double-beta testing Dawnguard before it releases for PC.

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Well great, but I guess that is too be expected from a Bethesda add-on at this point. I guess I'll just search that general area till I find the cave and hope it gets back on track afterwards.

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Works fine for me. Maybe try fast travelling somewhere. Sometimes the waypoints in the game get a little messed up and you have to fast travel to fix them. This is an issue that long predates the release of Dawnguard.

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It's because you didn't put your Dong Guard on properly.

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