Favorite Quest?

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What is your favorite quest? Why? I would have to say mine could be almost any of the daedric artifact quests. They are so fascinating, and the story with the daedric lords is always interesting in my opinion. What do you guys think?

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I liked A Night to Remember, just because it was so hilarious, and also the quest to restore the tree in Whiterun. The sanctuary was absolutely gorgeous and probably one of my favourite environments in the game.

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@Cathryn: I forgot all about A Night to Remember! I really enjoyed that quest, it shows how good of a sense of humor Bethesda has. It was a nice change of pace from the normal dragon slaying.

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that tower in dawnstar where you go into it with that priest and theres that cult and you go into dreams and stuff. i thought that was pretty awesome. i dont remember the quest, but it was awesome. plus that eurandur dude is my favorite follower, he says cool stuff all the time.

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It's hard to choose just one but I though the entirety of the Dark Brotherhood questline was just superb. I play a sneaky stealthy character so I love assassination missions.

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#6 Posted by SlightConfuse (3996 posts) -

The one on white run where you get wasted. Also the dark brotherhood where you impersonate the gourmet

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Elder Knowledge. Seeing Blackreach for the first time was astonishing.

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No One Escapes Cidna Mine!

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