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I don't know how it started, but I have been having some graphical issues while playing Skyrim. It doesn't have anything to do with the mods I have installed, it's present before that. I keep getting weird, what's the word...tesselation? In the pixels? Like huge squares that definitely don't go with the games graphics that also flicker around. What are possible solutions to this? Is it an anti aliasing problem? Anitoscopic filtering? (I forget the real word). Should I turn the graphics quality down? I have them set to high on default. Any help is vastly appreciated.

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Sounds like artefacting. Is your GPU overheating?

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Do you have an AMD card? It's a bug found in Catalyst Control Center 12.2. You can either roll back to 12.1 or turn off anti-aliasing, then wait for the fix. =3=

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I'll try the anti aliasing and fiddling with the quality. Thanks guys!

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