Have you turned up the difficulty?

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#1 Posted by Tesla (2131 posts) -

I was getting a bit bored with the combat when, at the low level of 15, I was downing just about everything I ran into with one swing of the battleaxe. After bumping up the difficulty, mindlessly running into the fray swinging no longer works as a go to strategy for every encounter. It doesn't drastically change the way the game is played, but for me it freshened things up a little.

I'm just wondering how many other people have cranked it up another notch. Do you like being way overpowered? Or just overpowered within reason?

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#2 Posted by Dingofighter (1875 posts) -

Considering the amount of time I've spent in this game by now, I like feeling a bit overpowered.  

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#3 Posted by artelinarose (1998 posts) -

I turned the difficulty up to expert after reaching level 15-20 because the game felt too easy. Now I feel like there's more strategy involved in the way I fight or approach any given situation.

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#4 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

I've made the jump to Expert and I'm still wrecking most enemies in 1-2 hits. I've got to be real careful against casters who I can't get to quickly, though.

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#5 Posted by Hitchenson (4708 posts) -

I was on expert since the get-go, but changed it up to master when I hit 50. It's good, I'm sneaking anyway, so combat diff isn't too much of a big deal I guess.

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#6 Posted by BonOrbitz (2579 posts) -

No way am I'm touching the difficulty (playing on default difficulty.) Occasionally I run into necromages that kick the shit outta me and I'm at level 32. I can can kill dragons left and right, but a couple of necromages can take out my companion, my summoned atronach, and myself in about 15 seconds? And don't get me started on the the random band of three highwaymen posing as soldiers... Those are the worst. Their leader has a great axe that seems to one-hit kill me.

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#7 Posted by Jimbo_N (1479 posts) -

I've thought about it for a good long while now but haven't made the jump yet. But the game kinda did it for me today tho with the new patch removing alot of what my character was built around. Was wondering why my Uber bow/stealth character that was based around Elemental enchanted bows and having high resistances suddenly did no dmg.

Also died from poison and I'm pretty sure my Bosmer/werewolf combo effectively gives me 150% poison resistance ^^

So play with the new patch until they patch it again if you want a taste of higher difficulty I suppose =)


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#8 Posted by NyxFe (252 posts) -

My issue with the difficulty is that going from normal -> master just changes it from "dude runs toward you" and "dude runs toward you, but now he one-shots you since you're a mage". I do with the combat could be a little more deep.

The difficulty swings wildly regardless though (e.g. simplicity of any dragon VS dragon priests being nigh un-killable without resistance), so I think i'll just wait for some mods to make it more compelling.

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#9 Posted by Jerr (536 posts) -

Yeah, I've been thinking about it. The game is losing alot of it's hooking capabilities for me since the combat is such a pushover. I think I'll give it a go.

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#10 Posted by AlexAlterisio (107 posts) -

I've seen a lot of people saying the combat is way to easy on normal difficulty, but I'm really not having that problem. Maybe it's just because I haven't done many of the main story quests, but I'm about level 20 and still run into guys that can take me down to the smallest sliver of health in a single hit. I may just be wandering around areas that I really shouldn't be in. Probably the only thing that's letting me keep going is that fact that I have an invincible dog for a companion right now.

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#11 Posted by Tesla (2131 posts) -

It seems like there are different sweet spots for the difficulty depending on the build. I'll have to refer back to this when I make new characters.

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#12 Posted by SuperSambo (3111 posts) -

I turned it down.

I play as a sneaky archer, and after having put 4 arrows straight though some guys head for them to constantly turn around and kill me in 2 sword stikes just got too frustrating.

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#13 Posted by MiniPato (2828 posts) -

There are parts where the game is easy and parts where the game is crazy hard. I'm level 34 about now and going for the stealth archer type which I didn't expect to be so popular. But I haven't really been one shotting too many enemies. Sure, the weak plain ones like Bandit and Draugr are pushovers. But Draugr Deathlords, Draugr Wrights, Bandit Highwaymen, and other enemy types take more than one shot, even with the sneak attack bonus. It probably doesn't help that I have a companion who significantly affects my stealthing capabilities, but I find having a companion helps against tough enemies like the Dragon priests. By and large, the dragons are easy to kill, but I have run across 1 or 2 that are particularly tough and deal massive damage, leaving me to chugging 15 healing potions for the one fight and companions serve as a good distraction.

So no, I haven't turned up the difficulty. Skyrim's populated by pushovers, sure. But there's still a decent amount that pose enough of a challenge to keep the difficulty at normal.

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#14 Posted by RuneseekerMireille (337 posts) -

With Bethesda games in particular, I feel that as much time as I put into these games (have almost 165 hours logged into it!), I should be completely overpowered compared to my enemies. I didn't play this character for 120 hours to just get killed by a random bandit, you know?

With that said, once I found the Triumvirate of Alchemy, Smithing, and Enchanting, I bumped it up to Master, as it just became incredibly easy otherwise. Now I've gotten to the point that I just play Master even on my mage because it's just the difficulty I'm used to.

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#15 Posted by ajamafalous (13574 posts) -

What does it change? Just bumps up enemy health and damage? Because my casts-Destruction-for-free Daedric-wearing battlemage 2-3shots everything but dragons without even being touched.

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#16 Posted by CrimsonNoir (413 posts) -

Leaving it on default cause my sneaking archer has a hell of a time when an enemy is already up close to him and I can't get a sneak bonus. Damn snow bears were a pain and the Old Orc wandering around could just about one shot me.

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#17 Posted by BlinkyTM (1057 posts) -

People melt like butter under my Battleaxe! I should move the difficulty up a little bit I think. Do you get better loot?

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#18 Posted by McGhee (6128 posts) -

No. I have put next to nothing into heath and I don't wear armor. I can often get one-shotted by normal enemies.

So I just don't get hit. I'm quick like that.

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#19 Posted by NekuCTR (1712 posts) -

Yes with my warrior, no with my mage.

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#20 Posted by BraveToaster (12636 posts) -

@Jimbo_N said:

I've thought about it for a good long while now but haven't made the jump yet. But the game kinda did it for me today tho with the new patch removing alot of what my character was built around. Was wondering why my Uber bow/stealth character that was based around Elemental enchanted bows and having high resistances suddenly did no dmg.

Also died from poison and I'm pretty sure my Bosmer/werewolf combo effectively gives me 150% poison resistance ^^

So play with the new patch until they patch it again if you want a taste of higher difficulty I suppose =)


Werewolves are Disease Resistant, not Poison Resistant.

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#21 Posted by wubb (329 posts) -

I turned mine up to Expert yesterday with my mage and it's back to being about as challenging as it was before I maxed out Enchanting to 100.

I feel like there is a chance I'll die in battles against a handful of powerful enemies again. Dragons are still a piece of cake - biggest problem there is when they fly off, become distracted by something, and the terrain prevents me from reengaging.

I should try Master difficulty, but I do enjoy being a little overpowered.

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#22 Posted by RubberBabyBuggyBumpers (960 posts) -

i ended up topping off the difficulty once i acquired the dragonblade and made it legendary. almost everything i encountered was a one or two hit kill.

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#23 Posted by phampire (294 posts) -

Playing a stealth character on Master is almost a must for me as it makes it more rewarding to play (when i succeed) and punishes me horribly when I fail. That being said I've reached a point where I can one shot most non-boss dudes but if i mess up I'm probably already dead.

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#24 Edited by spazmaster666 (2114 posts) -

I turned the game up to Master with my level 67 Xbox 360 character as well my level 81 PC character and have definitely found the game to be more challenging, though still relatively easy for the most part, save for a few exceptions. I think I increased from Adept to Expert around level 30 or so, and then to Master at level 50.

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#25 Posted by toby616 (12 posts) -

I just reached level 21 and i am still finding myself in situations where i may be caught off guard and die in ridiculous ways. i may just bad at playing these types of games, but i still find some encounters challenging.

perhaps i am spending too little time ranking up and instead blowing through the main quests. is there a way to see the enemy's rank or some way to determine how difficult the enemy will be to defeat from a distance?

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#26 Posted by WindFall259 (398 posts) -

Rerolled and turned up to expert after spending 80+ hours on my first character. Turns out min/maxing a offensive and defensive skill will get through most encounters without a hitch.

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#27 Posted by SuperCycle (354 posts) -

I haven't turned up the difficulty, but I've thought very hard about turning it down. I'm having a hard time with some sections of this game. I don't mind dying, I mind the load times. In some hard fights I spend more time loading then I do playing.

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#28 Edited by TorMasturba (1123 posts) -

I think I'm going to when I get to play it tonight, there is the odd occassion where I'll be just walking over dead enemies because I'm killing them so quickly, and suddenly find some very powerful boss that I can barely scratch, so that can get confusing but I do enjoy the new challenges when they come, this game's combat had lost much of it's apeal to me now that it's gotten so easy, and I hit this same moment in all previous Bethesda games where I had to up the difficulty to increase the difficulty.

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#29 Posted by TheDudeOfGaming (6116 posts) -

For me the entire point of playing RPGs is to have a God like character (or at the very least to stay one step ahead of the enemies). The path towards making such a character can be extremely difficult, but so long as I'm able to build that character, i don't care. That being said, Skyrim is a pretty easy game (apart from a few bosses/enemies), and creating the aforementioned character is also pretty easy. But **** me if i haven't spent a huge amount of time farming soul gems/iron ore/alchemical ingredients to get my skills up to a 100. The way i see it, i deserve to have it on normal and one shot every God damn thing that moves. 

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#30 Posted by Mike (17423 posts) -

I had to - in this video I'm playing on Master. It sort of sucks though, I cut through most enemies like a hot knife through butter, then I come up against a boss and get one-shotted. Possibly time to invest some points in armor. 

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#31 Posted by Tennmuerti (9173 posts) -

It took a long time, plenty of adventure, quests, hard work at the enchanting and smithing tables to become overpowered. (and it was so tempting to just cheat on the PC)
So wreaking everything feels justified and rewarding now.

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#32 Edited by Slaker117 (4873 posts) -

I built my character too well, so playing on anything but master now is a total joke, and even that is pretty easy.
High level stealth feels like it kind of breaks the game.

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#33 Posted by BasketSnake (1764 posts) -

I tried master yesterday and after 100 hours as a high level mage I highly recommend it. Just make sure you have your astronachs.

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#34 Posted by Superfriend (1723 posts) -

I started the game and changed it to the second highest right away. That way you actually feel a little challenge in the starting area and beyond. Some harder encounters will have a chance of killing you right away or with 2 hits.. but this seems okay, since I like returning to places and wrecking the people who could oneshot me a couple of levels ago.

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#35 Posted by Robo (890 posts) -

Now that I can one-shot dragons, giants, and mammoths with bows while stealthed, I decided to turn it up to Expert.

Still flying through everything with basically no problems. I'm 56, my daedric weapons are maxed out, and most of my gear has 48% to one handers and archery.

I have no magic resistance, but if something has the opportunity to cast anything at me I screwed up.

I'm just gonna turn it up to master and go through the rest of the story so i can do side stuff in peace until I decide to make my new character. A battlemage.

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#36 Posted by BoOzak (1890 posts) -

Turned it up to master around the time I got my daedric set, bosses are the only thing that are even remotely difficult at this point. Still having fun though! You dont really play these games for the challenge, or at least I dont.. (47 BM)

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#37 Posted by imsh_pl (4208 posts) -

Skyrim is not really a game about overcoming a challenge, it's about exploring the vast world and being a total badass enclosed in magic armor shooting lightning out of his motherfucking fingers.

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#38 Edited by Robo (890 posts) -

@imsh_pl: Yep. I'm still thoroughly enjoying the story and exploration.

Having a challenge is a plus to me. But at least here it still kind of fits. You ARE supposed to be this bad-ass dragonborn dude. Now if only guards and NPC would recognize it and stop giving me shit.

You really think you're running shit here, Maven? I can wipe the entirety of Riften off the map without breaking a sweat. How about you step off my nuts?

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