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So, I love Skyrim, and as it happens with things one loves, one shares them with friends.

A particular friend of mine wants to buy Skyrim, he's excited to get the game, but he has a PS3.

Should he buy it ? Or are the issues I've heard with the version so jarring that it would be a bad idea ?

Any experience or insight into this matter would be very helpful, thank you all in advance.

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They have more or less fixed the major issues that were PS3 only (save file frame-rate issues). The game is currently as buggy as any of the other versions. You're friend will be just fine.

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If he wants access to the DLC thats come out, I do not believe that any of it has been released for PS3 yet, I'm not sure it ever will. Seems like Bethesda wants the Xbox 360 to be the best way to experience Skyrim. Other than that the PS3 version is fine.

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My experience with Skyrim on the PS3 was fine. Unless he wants to get into the DLC the PS3 version should suit him fine.

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Honestly, I would say no. Just got it for Christmas and started a new game less than 10 mins ago. Just by hitting New Game I got a bug, wagon wasn't moving but all the characters kept talking like the scripting was normal. Had to quit out and hit New Game again. I'm almost thinking of returning it for Kingdoms of Amaulr.

On a PS3.

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