Random overpowered enemy in Volunruud?

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I haven't really had any problems in Skyrim where I felt completely shut down in a fight. I'm lvl 30, have 1H, Destruction, and Light Armor all in the high 60s, high level enchants, and smithed all my armor to Legendary. I have the best set I could get at my point in the game too. Anyway, I started the Silenced Tongues quest in Volunruud, which is full of Draugr. I had no problems killing them until I got to a room where one particular Draugr Wight was one-shotting me with Unrelenting Force.

I reloaded and baiting the shout so I could get close during his cooldown and he killed me with two arrows, each doing over half my health. I actually thought this was the boss, but after cheesing him to death with Mjoll + Impact Lightning + Magicka potion spam, I discovered he wasn't the boss at all. Just some random-ass Draugr Wight. The actual boss was incredibly easy, but what the hell was with the Draugr Wight? A random "Screw You, Buddy" from Bethesda?

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Been there, done that. Had to reload three times. I sent two dremora lords on him.

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Probably just an unchecked issue, or someone pulled a Lara Croft and left an extra zero in there.

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#4 Posted by spartanlolz92 (520 posts) -

oh that guy yeah just try using anything that freeze or stun him or conjure up some minions to distract him. just dont fight him without a huge advantage

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I just played through this today. I didn't have to constantly reload a save though. I just sat back and took him out with arrows, most of them being coated in poison. My archery is in the upper 60's, and my sneak is in the low 90's, so he never discovered where I was.

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ha! I remember that guy, fucking one shotted me every time, I had to stick an atronach on him and spam firebolt

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