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Many of the recommended mod lists out there are outdated with mods listed that fix problems or add features that are now included in the patched game. So what are the current mods you would recommend people check out?

The mods I'd recommend are:

Better Horses: Add a power which allows you to summon your horse from anywhere and have it follow you or stay. Also allows you to tweak horse stats such as health and stamina. Make sure you read the readme for this one.

Realistic Lighting With Customization: Basically makes everything darker and a little more "realistic." You will need torches or light spells to make it through dungeons. It's definitely not for everyone, but I like that it gives lighting items/spells a purpose in the game.

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Sky UI and this LOTR weapon pack, all you need.

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Sky UI and Moonpath to Elsweyr

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Armoured horses - a enb profile - jaysus swords - high res textures

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  • Realistic Lighting w/ Customization
  • Apocalypse Spell Package
  • SkyUI
  • Better Sorting
  • A Quality World Map w/ Roads
  • Categorized Favorites Menu
  • Unofficial Skyrim Patch
  • W.A.T.E.R. - Water and Terrain Enhancement Redux
  • Weapons of the Third Era
  • Warzones: Civil Unrest
  • The Dance of Death
  • Faster Horses
  • UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul
  • JaySuS Swords
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I've spent some time testing mods and made a Google spreadsheet to keep track of everything. If I had to pick my top five that haven't already been mentioned I'd have to say:

  • 4: Skyrim Community Uncapper. Tweak the leveling system to your exact specifications.
  • 205: Rayek's End. The best secret lair a dovahkiin could ask for.
  • 500: Duel - Combat Realism. I usually play a warrior type and I really enjoy the changes this mod makes to combat.
  • 1000: RCRN. My favorite lighting mod.
  • 1005: Convenient Horses. The best horse mod there is. I urge you to check it out if you're using some other horse mod.
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@Bane: Thanks for sharing that spreadsheet! Based on it, I think I'll give Claralux a try. I've been using Lanterns of Skyrim to add some light to the world, but Claralux seems more robust. Also, I'll definitely give Convenient Horses a try (hopefully, I can successfully uninstall Better Horses first though).

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unofficial skyrim patch

open cities skyrim : main doors are open so no loading.

chopping block /wood fire fix.

static mesh improvement.

best one : Terran bump . makes the game look amazing.

faster vanilla horses

item sorting

better quest objectives.

realistic ragdoll and force.

enhanced game play wilderness: more bears shit yea nnd other animals.

wild horses.

follower map markers.

ruins clutter improvement hd.

cool one:moon earth 1 secunda :gives skyrim a other worldly feel .

longer days: 1hour. daylight savings man

more dynamic shadows and stripping :

realistic map +roads.

i got so many more installed theirs ones for more trees/grass better mountains/ice. watery rocks adds a nice touch

check out the collections on steam workshop you will find so many good mods there. man the mods make skyrim such a different game i love it.

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@hussatron: You're welcome. Keep in mind the notes may not apply to you or your machine. For example, there's nothing wrong with the mods in red. I'd use them if I could but my 560 Ti inside an otherwise four year old machine just isn't up to the task unfortunately.

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There is a cape mod and a bunch of house mods. Oh, and instead of getting that planet you can get the death star which is pretty cool.

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@gtg12: That's no planet.. It's a moon.

Wait.. I think i fucked up.

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Sky UI, better blood textures, better water textures and believable hair, just to name a few.

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After giving Convenient Horses a try, I think I can recommend it over Better Horses, although Better Horses is a simpler mod that does what it sets out to do well. I really like that I can talk to people while on my horse using Convenient Horses. I also can recommend Claralux to anybody wishing to add some more light sources (fire, torches, lanterns, etc.) to the land of Skyrim.

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No one's mentioned Apachii's SkyHair yet? Bah y'all are a bunch of mop wearing neanderthals!

Riverside Lodge (with Sauna) is my fave player house mod so far.

Hmm what else hasn't been mentioned... Oh! Omegared99's Armor Compilation. That's a pretty great one, too.

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Better item sorting

Categorized Favorites Menu


Skyrim Monster Mod

Swift Potion

Deadly Dragons (spell crafting, armor, and loot from dragons can be found on the page)

Sounds of Skyrim (Dungeons and exterior environments)


Jaysus Swords

Weapons of the Third Era

You want food to be useful, and you want Skyrim to have a major focus on survival?


Imps More Complex Needs

Camping Kit of the Northern Ranger

Want more content in Skyrim?

Moonpath to Elsweyr

And of course, SKSE is a recommended default EXE for Skyrim, in which is allows thousands of mods to work (like SkyUI).

I also recommend WryeBash. It will allow Level-Listed mods to be combined, making the new weapons and enemy spawns compensate for your level. It also decreases the possibility of your mods corrupting your saves and your game.

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I'd suggest:

  1. Categorized Favorites Menu
  2. Cooking Recipe Pack
  3. Craftable Torches
  4. Forgeable arrows
  5. For female bodies, either CBBEv3 or UNP depending on your preference with the new textures mod from navetsea and Better Males for guys. You have to look them up since the pages are NSFW.
  6. In addition to Apachii's Sky Hair, take a look at numenume Hair for some more choices.
  7. Now, since my character has this nice hair, I want to see it so I'd also suggest Hide Headgear Display
  8. Also, it's a bit of a cheat but it makes life so much easier, Unread Books Glow.

When I had everything set in place, I enjoyed fiddling around with Skyrim NPC Editor 0_75_1. It allows you to change the appearance and other traits of NPCs.

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