Should I come back?

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Ok so unfortunatly i play skyrim on my sure your all aware of the issues. I bought the game at a midnight release and was sooo excited to play and explore the game conpletely. I played a lot and have a decent character saved that Im thinking of starting to play again. I want to platinum trophy the game before the dlc's hit if they ever do. How is the game running now? Is it even worth trying? Is there any hope for dawnguard or heathfire to ever make it to ps3. I just need a break from dark souls since im about to rage break my entire man cave if i keep playing it.

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If you already own it then why not? Skyrim has gotten 7 updates by now for all platforms, but I highly recommend you start a new game for all the improvements to properly kick in and to avoid any save bloating. If not you 'should' follow this. Dawnguard will come to the PS3 - Hearthfire too - but they didn't feel commfortious to release it at its current stage, and because the downloadable content need to go through certifications it got pushed back. If you do own a nice personal computer you should go for that instead though. I got Skyrim & Dawnguard on a recent Steam sale for around $40, and I already own both on the Xbox.

Post scriptum. I do not own the game on PS3 so I can't comment on how it is personally, just through the notes. But I think you should at least try it out and see for yourself.

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