Skyrim quest opening question?

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#1 Posted by Twitchey (962 posts) -

Do certain quest become available after a certain level? I've noticed a few quest become available later on in the game and I was wondering if this was because of my character's level. 

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#2 Posted by Equal_Opportunity_Destroyer497 (578 posts) -


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#3 Posted by Storms (364 posts) -

Not that I know of.

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#4 Posted by punpun (230 posts) -

Yup. The only example I can think of though is Boethiah's daedric quest.

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#5 Posted by chainreaction01 (219 posts) -

Some of the Daedric Quests have level requirements, and there may be others as well.

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#6 Posted by Junkerman (391 posts) -

@Twitchey: No, but there are a number of "random" quests that you will stumble across as you are playing so it may seem that way. Anything can be done by a character of any level with enough patience/skill/foresight/cheese

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#7 Posted by Dtat (1749 posts) -

@Junkerman: I'm 99% sure that some quests have level requirements. Specifically the Daedra quests.

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#8 Posted by Ashuramaru (45 posts) -

Daedric quests have always had level requirements

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#9 Posted by Storms (364 posts) -

I stand corrected. Daedric quests.

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