Steam Mod Subsciptions not!

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So I have been adding more mods to my game since I got back into playing, using the steam workshop. The problem is my game isn't downloading the mods I subscribe to through steam. I check the data files every time and the new mods are not showing up. The mods I'm trying to get don't seem to have any special installation requirements either, so I have no idea why they aren't working. I know I could get most of them through skyrim nexus, but its much more convenient for me to just get them through steam since I don't have that much time to play. Anyone know what could be wrong with my steam and/or the game?

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Is no one else having the same problem?

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Have you tried verifying your Skyrim installation?

  • RIGHT CLICK on Skyrim in your games window.
  • Select Properties from the list.
  • Click the Local files tab, then select the Verify integrity of game cache button.

Additionally, are you using the BethHiResPack mod? If the above step doesn't work, try disabling BethHiResPack and see what happens. Looks like there can be some conflicts with this one.

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Try opening Steam as Admin, launching Skyrim, click on data files and wait for a few mins, it should load up the new mods.

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If you end up not solving the issue, Skyrim Nexus isn't' that much more of a time sink to get mods than you may think. They have a mod manager that can keep your mods in sync and install them properly as well. Most of the mods on the Steam Workshop, if they are even available there, are limited to 100MB which makes a lot of them lesser-than versions than they were/are on the Nexus.

What are you doing playing Skyrim if you don't have much time to play? What do you do, walk a few steps then quit? managing mods takes maybe 30secs for me, outside of actually looking at the mod site for new ones if I'm in the mood, with the mod manager there's no handling of the mod archive and manually installing it to the games folder or anything. Press the button on the site and it starts downloading instantly on the manager app.

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@CJduke: I made a thread about this some time ago but apparently it did not get stickied. You can find it here.

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@DJJoeJoe: @crusader8463: Cool guys, thanks for the help

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