The Funniest Thing You've Seen In Skyrim?

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#1 Posted by AutoBarn (107 posts) -

Here's mine. I knocked a bunch of vegetables onto a chair, and then one of the Companions sat down. Before you know it, boom. Nord with a carrot for a cock.

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#2 Posted by astrodoggy (185 posts) -

that's not weird... lot's of people have carrot cocks you bigot

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#3 Posted by Video_Game_King (36564 posts) -

My general tendency to turn the game into this.

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#4 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19301 posts) -

thats fucking hilarious

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#5 Posted by jking47 (1290 posts) -

That is pretty damn funny.

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#6 Posted by Lagaroth (186 posts) -

Is messing around with console commands cheating?

I can't get this damn image to embed. So here.

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#7 Posted by AutoBarn (107 posts) -

@astrodoggy: Keep it crunchy.

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#8 Posted by BaneFireLord (3218 posts) -

I damn near killed myself chasing a cabbage down a mountain once. That was pretty funny.

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#9 Posted by buft (3409 posts) -

the part in the quick look where the mountain cat gets knocked out of the park by a giant was hilarious but ive seen the giants do that so many times now its lost its impact, the funniest thing i have seen is in one particular dungeon i had a follower and on the floor a trap with a spring loaded arm, as i stood there looking through my inventory my follower sprinted towards what i can only assume was distant enemy only to be thwarted time and time again by the trap, in hilarious fashion he would ragdoll shoot across the room and sit in the injured animation before regain composure and yelling "i'll get you this time" or something to that effect.

I watched this for over 20 minutes before i relented and helped him achieve his goal.

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#10 Posted by cheddartyme (151 posts) -

there was a glitch where one of the mammoths was floating in the sky and walking. It made me chuckle a bit.

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#11 Posted by TheDudeOfGaming (6117 posts) -
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#12 Posted by RyuHayabusa (25 posts) -


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#14 Posted by DEMONOLOGY_24 (526 posts) -
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#15 Posted by corruptsaves (284 posts) -

lol at Gamer poop!

Today I just walked out of Windhelm and there were 2 Lois Letrush's standing side by side. They were close enough so when I talked to them they both responded at the same time with the same thing. Then I shot one in the head and the other clone said "no don't hurt me again!"

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#16 Posted by Schatzy23 (194 posts) -

I was fighting a dragon one time and hit it with an arrow while it was flying through the sky. He then proceeded to roll into a ball and spun for a bit. Then he started flying backwards. I hit him with an arrow again and he just took off straight into the sky. No flapping his wings or anything, just a dragon model heading straight into the sky. Wow did I have a good chuckle at that one.

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#17 Posted by zudthespud (3332 posts) -
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#18 Posted by HatKing (7269 posts) -

Two things happened last night. I was exploring and a dragon spawned out of the ground right underneath a giant. As the dragon flew into the air, the giant managed to stand on top of the dragon for a few seconds. Right up until the dragon clipped directly into a mountain. O.o

Then, a little later, I found a skeleton monster, one who would normally try to kill me, just chilling. It was just standing there in middle of a field not doing anything except being a skeleton. I took a picture of us together. hahah...

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#19 Posted by brownsfantb (443 posts) -

During the Daedric quest that involved the nightmares in Dawnstar, right before the priest and I got to the castle or whatever, we were attacked by a pack of bears that apparently were guarding this place. I used the Kyne's Peace shout to calm them down and then sprinted for the door. But, instead of going in, the priest wanted to give me the whole backstory of the place. The whole time he was talking, I was looking over his shoulder saying, "Hurry up dude, these bears aren't just gonna sit there forever!" And of course, the shout wore off before he was done and they nearly killed him before I was able to finally get inside the place.

Even funnier, after I finished the quest, I saved and quit the game for the night before leaving the castle. The next time I played, I had completely forgotten about the bears and just casually strolled out the front door. My character's a high enough level, so I wasn't in any danger of getting killed by the bears, but they sure did scare the shit out of me.

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#20 Posted by AutoBarn (107 posts) -

@brownsfantb: I don't get it.

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