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Skyrim is The Best Game EVARRRRRRRR!!!!

You go out and buy this game right now! It is worth whatever price it is. There is nothing that needs to be said to prove my point that Skyrim is the best game ever, but I'll give you some short reasons why you need this game. The story is insanely deep and you can easily get into the lore around you! There are plenty of books to read which believe it or not are actually interesting and some are even useful. For example there is a book on Shadowmarks which give hints to thieves on which places to steal from and which places to avoid. But let's move on from the lore and get to the story itself. You start out as a prisoner, captured by the Imprieals and being driven to be executed for treason aganist the Empire. Skyrim is being torn apart, a civil war rages on between the Imprieal loyalists and the rebel Stormcloaks who seek to regain the right to worship the god of heroes and the nineth divine Talos. After being taken there you are given your character creation screen with tons of options to tweek and create the character just for you or at least the closest you can. Just as you are about to be killed a dragon flies forward who were rumored to be a legend. This is a sign of the end of the world. The dragon attacks and you escape Helgen then are allowed the option to join the Imprieals or Stormcloaks or if you don't want to get involved in it neither. This is an open world game with plenty of sidequests to do. After getting out of the tutorial you are allowed to explore this land. Enemies such as bandits, spiders, robots, soldiers, dragons, werewolf hunters, and so much more! Later you will level your character up in which you can invest skill points into certain skills making the character you want to be. Want to be a sneaky and cunning thief? You can do it. Want to be a strong and loyal warrior? You can do it. Want to be a mage seeking knowledge? You can do that too! There are so much options allowing to make the character you want to have. You can also join factions! Become a Companion and after doing so a werewolf showing all of Tamirel that you are the best at what you do! Or join the Dark Brotherhood and become an assassin, taking down everyone in your way one by one without them ever seeing you coming. And if you want join the Thieves Guild stealing every last treasure you come across and growing to be the richest person in the world or The College of Winterhold where you may learn about magic and expand your skills in it. There is so much to do! The combat is satisfying, the soundtrack is epic, and all of that will continue soon when they release the new DLC Dawnguard! This is only some of the things I covered, there's so much more to do and I could go on for hours about it! But I think I've said enough. So I'll see you guys next time!

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