Lore Question! Spoilers for Skyrim and Oblivion, possibly others

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So, I read this in the Elder Scrolls wiki:   

The Hero of Oblivion  (better known as the Hero of Kvatch, Champion of Cyrodiil, Divine Crusader, and Madgod of the Shivering Isles

Released by chance from prison in the Imperial City , this hero's tale began as a courier for Uriel VII and ended in the salvation of all Tamriel from the forces of Mehrunes Dagon. The hero saved Tamriel again by reuniting the Relics of the Divine Crusader, defeating Umaril the Unfeathered, and even visited Sheogorath 's realm of insanity to battle the daedric prince and end an eons-long cycle of order and chaos, becoming the new Sheogorath, Prince of Madness.
I never finished Oblivion or the Shivering Isles DLC. So, does this mean that the Sheogorath you encounter in Skyrim is actually the Hero of Oblivion(your character in Oblivion)?
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Yeah it's implied.

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@Irvandus: Aw man. So when they're all like "You know, Palagius, I was there." "Yeah, you told me a thousand times; you never shut up about it." That's actually supposed to be a callback to that? Ah, man, that's pretty great. Player-characters meeting eachother is always neat.
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It's the hero of Kvatch!

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