Small Elder Scrolls V info.

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...and I do mean small, but at least it's something.
In a very strange, and I do mean strange leak, book website Waterstone  posted the time frame for the next Elder Scrolls game.
On the site apparently, writer Greg Keye's upcoming Elder Scrolls book has a blurb not only establishing the time frame for his book, but the time frame for the next Elder Scrolls game. 
From Kotaku.


Author Greg Keyes is better known to me by his Star Wars Expanded Universe contributions, but as the writer on The Elder Scrolls: Infernal City, he's been promoted to "potential Bethesda informant."

A book blurb on the Waterstone's retail site reads "A novel that takes places forty-five years after the Oblivion Crisis, which is the story of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion game and the expansion pack Shivering Isles. It partly bridges the gap for the next game, which is set 200 years after the Oblivion crisis."

So, assuming "the next game" in Oblivion continuity isn't a ZeniMax Online massively multiplayer online game, this might be a hint at an Elder Scrolls V. Although, to hear Bethesda's Pete Hines tell it, that's the natural conclusion anybody could draw from how well The Elder Scrolls IV sold.

Until now, we have only had vague agreements that another Elder Scrolls game is coming. This clarifies that at least something conceptually is currently being worked on.

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Strange, considering, from what I've seen, all of the Elder Scrolls have taken place within the Emperor I-forget-his-name's lifetime, the one who died at the beginning of Oblivion.

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