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The Equalizer increases in power the more damage you take; as you lose health it makes you stronger. It's most powerful when you're on the verge of death, you can instantly kill many classes in one hit. When the Equalizer is being used, Medics cannot heal the Soldier so that their melee power can continue.

The Equalizer's taunt, the Kamikaze, can kill as well, but you will not survive either considering the Soldier lets a live grenade blow up in his hands when you do so.

The Equalizer was originally created by community members Tom Francis and jibberish and was later adding in with the WAR! Update. The two community members were rewarded with special versions of the weapon, The Great Equalizer.

The Equalizer is awarded for achieving Milestone 1 (Complete 5 Soldier achievements) .


Initially, the Equalizer gave a Speed boost alongside the power increase, but this was removed in the Pyromania update, giving the speed boost to another pickaxe named the Escape plan.


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