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    The Evil Witch

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    The main adversary in Curse of Enchantia.

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    The Curse of Enchantia's female antagonist is evil witch who has magically summoned Brad (the player character) to Enchanta as the main ingredient for an everlasting youth potion for herself.

    The manual refers to her only as "the evil witch", and even as Enchantia is the land of the "most wicked and evil witches that the universe had ever known", she still "outshone the others in her malevolence and depravity". To keep in theme the witch's castle is full of the imagery such as gargoyles and reliefs of dragons and spiders, she wears a horned tiara and a horned skull on her belt, and even her rings appear to have horns.

    Brad meets her at the end of the game in a hidden room laboratory of her castle (which is also a location of the balcony she is seen in the intro sequence). They fight and she collapses after one of her spells (a lightning bolt of sorts) is deflected back and hits her. Brad then slips a magic ring he found in her study on her singer, and the witch disintegrates, leaving only her crown lying on the floor. After she is destroyed her spells are also broken, and so Brad returns to our world.


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