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    The Exodar

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    A Naaru base that was used as an escape ship for the Draenei. The ship crash landed on Azuremyst Isle and introduced the Draenei to the planet Azeroth. It is currently in use as a Draenei capital city and is lead by the Draenei Prophet Velen.

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    When the Naaru dispersed over all of Outland, the fortress they arrived in, known as Tempest Keep, was attacked, and overtaken by Blood Elves under the command of Kael’thas Sunstrider.

    The prophet Velen, with Nobundo at his side, led an attack on Tempest keep, to gain control of one of the many satellite structures. The Blood Elves, having discovered the Draenei’s plans, sabotaged the engines of the Exodar, so that when the Draenei took control and activated the engines, the structure was sent out of control into the Twisting Nether, until finally it was seen in the skies of Azeroth.

    When it finally crashed in Azuremyst Isle, the Draenei established the largest intact section of the ship as their new capital, and the surviving Draenei began their lives on Azeroth, looking to the Alliance for support.


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