The Experiment

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    Your job is to monitor a vast security system. You login to a remote Derelict to find Lea Nichols who has apparently been sleeping for half a century without aging a day. Guide her as she recovers her memory and the truth behind Experiment 112.

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    To each his own

    Most gamers would over look this game simply because the game lacks in the excitement department but I found the game intriguing from the very start do to its unique role for the player. Guiding the main character from room to room by a simple flip of a switch. Watching only from nearby Cameras, you must lead Lea through the derelict ship in a quest to uncover what happened, her lost memorys and the truth behind this Experiment dubbed 112. The graphics aren't too good compared to todays games but it was during its time. It however still kept my interest because I too wanted to help her in uncovering the truth. It was amazing to think she slept for half a century without aging and that that had something to do with the Experiment and why everyone of her colleagues are found dead. This game certainly has originality, and although my friends judge the time I spent on it fruitless I will forever remember one of the first things she tells you. "The code is EDEHN. E, D, E, H, N, enter it"
    I give the game four stars for being a memorable adventure game to remember like that of the Longest Journey games.

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