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    The Fear

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    The Fear was a member of the Cobra Unit and a boss in Metal Gear Solid 3; he had an optical camouflage device. He could dislocate his limbs at will, and had a poisoned crossbow. He acted like a jumping spider, and ate creatures to recover his stamina, like Snake.

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    The Fear is one of the menacing Cobra Unit bosses in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. He fights Naked Snake using a crossbow with toxic bolts. As he fires these, he uses camouflage in treetops to fool the player and to hide himself. The Fear's optical camouflage device drains his stamina very, very quickly, and as a result he has to eat frequently during the boss battle. Because of this, he can be tricked into eating rotten food and damaging his stamina even further. He is very agile and can climb up trees in an almost monkey-like fashion. The Fear has a split tongue like a snake which helps him instill fear in his enemies.


    Upon being non-lethally defeated in MGS3, he drops the "Spider" camouflage pattern, which gives Snake a high camo index (even when running) in any background, at the cost of draining his stamina very quickly, like the Fear's cloaking device.


    • Because the Fear's spider camouflage drains his stamina, he will go searching for food during his fight after his stamina is reduced. So if Snake throws rotten food at him he will eat it and eventually throw up and lose even more stamina.
    • A strange thing occurs when you hit the Fear with a flash grenade; attacking him with any weapon will drain his stamina instead of his health.
    • The Fear will notice if Snake is using camouflage to try to hide; he laughs and says, "How pathetic. I guess you're full of Fear already!"

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