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    The Fifteenth Colossus

    Character » appears in 3 games

    A cleaver-wielding giant that guards a fortress in Shadow of the Colossus.

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    The Fifteenth Colossus is the fifteenth enemy fought by Wander in Shadow of the Colossus. Like the game's other Colossi, it is a large golem that appears to be at least partially constructed from stone. This Colossus resembles a warrior armed with a one-handed axe or cleaver. It watches over an abandoned desert fortress far to the northeast of the Shrine of Worship. Gaining access to the fortress' inner courtyard requires climbing, preventing Agro from reaching the battle area.

    After the player crosses the length of the arena-like courtyard, the Fifteenth Colossus will climb up to the arena from the valley below and begin its attack. With no means of scaling the creature directly, Wander must lure the Colossus toward one of the rows of stone platforms that line the walls. When Wander stands on these special platforms, the Colossus will stomp one edge of the slab with its foot, causing the platform's opposite edge to rise and creating an improvised ramp. By selecting the correct platform to use as a stepping stone, the player can begin climbing the arena walls.

    Wander must again bait the Colossus' attacks in order to knock down some masonry on one of the upper levels and create a path further upward. This leads to one of the two bridges spanning above the arena, which the Colossus will also destroy as it attacks Wander. Players can jump from the remains of either bridge onto the creature's upper body to begin striking its weak spots. One of these points is located on the palm of the Colossus' right hand; the same hand which also holds its cleaver. Fortunately, the player can stab a weak spot on the back of the Colossus' upper right arm to make it drop its weapon. The enemy will then begin attacking Wander bare-handed, giving the player the opportunity to stab its right palm from ground-level.


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