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The Fight: Lights Out has the player start out as an up-and-coming fighter in the gritty world of underground street fighting competitions. Players can customize the look of their fighter, then take them into the fights as they battle their way up the ranks. Players can fight however they like, because in the world of illegal fighting, there are no rules.


In order to play The Fight: Lights Out, players will need two PlayStation Moves, one for each hand. The game offers true one-to-one precision with every movement of each hand. Players can to throw any type of punch, grab, or block, and the game will reflect it onscreen. The PlayStation Eye not only tracks the Moves, but can also perform head-tracking, allowing players to duck, bob-n-weave, and perform head-butts. 
The onscreen HUD consists of three meters: 
  • Health Meter - This displays your total health before you're knocked out.
  • Stamina Meter - This bar goes down as you throw punches, and the more it's depleted, the weaker your punches are and the more prone to you are to take damage. When you stop throwing punches, the meter will begin to fill back up.
  • Rage Meter - This bar fills up as you take hits, and the higher you rage meter is, the more effective your "dirty moves" will be.
The game also features a fitness tracker, allowing players to keep track of their activity level. At the end of each fight or training session, the game displays the amount of calories burned for that individual session, as well as the total overall calories burned. 

Single Player Campaign

 Danny Trejo as Duke
 Danny Trejo as Duke
Danny Trejo plays the trainer Duke, who walks the player through the tutorial & campaign in FMV segments. Players will have to fight their way up the ranks through 12 different venues filled with opponents, and at the end of each venue there is a boss fight. Each boss has his own arsenal of special moves and abilities, and if the player can defeat the boss, he then gains those abilities to use in subsequent fights. 
As players progress through the ranks, they will earn money for performing well and winning matches. Money can be used to buy clothing & tattoos, as well as heal injuries. Players will also unlock "dirty moves", which are special moves that can be pulled off by the fighter, but are only most effective with a full rage meter. Fighters will sometimes receive "injuries" to their body as they fight. These injuries will stay with the fighter unless they are healed after the match, which costs money.  
Between fights, players can enter the training room, where they can do things like sparring and hitting speed bags. Doing so will cost players a small amount of money, but they can earn valuable skill points which they can then put towards their abilities. 


The Fight has both local splitscreen multiplayer, as well as full online support. Players can also spectate online matches, and wager bets on who will win.

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