The Flintstones: The Surprise at Dinosaur Peak!

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Feb 24, 1994

    A platformer based on The Flintstones cartoon. Released late in the NES's lifespan, the game is a rare find for collectors.

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    The Flintstones: The Surprise at Dinosaur Peak! was released as a sequel to the original Flintstones based platformer released previously on the NES, The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino & Hoppy. This game is notoriously rare and near-impossible to find among many NES game collectors. It is considered a highly collectible title.

    In the game, Pebble and Bamm-Bamm go missing and so Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble team up to go find them. Throughout the game the player can hit the Select button to switch between either Fred or Barney: Fred uses a club which he charge up for strong attacks, as well as climb up ledges; Barney uses a ranged slingshot for defense and can pull himself up onto thin platforms like flagpoles. The player starts with three hit points, represented as hearts, and can earn more by finding items in each level.


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