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    The Fourteenth Colossus

    Character » appears in 3 games

    A canid-like golem that guards an ancient city in Shadow of the Colossus.

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    The Fourteenth Colossus is the fourteenth enemy fought by Wander in Shadow of the Colossus. Like the game's other Colossi, it is a large golem that appears to be at least partially constructed from stone. This Colossus resembles a large dog or lion and guards a ruined city far to the northwest of the Shrine of Worship. The Fourteenth Colossus is one of the smallest foes in the game and shares many traits with Celosia: both creatures behave like highly-aggressive predators, they are roughly the same size and they each begin their respective encounters with no exposed weak points.

    With no means of damaging the beast directly, Wander must immediately climb to higher ground across several stone pillars to avoid the Colossus' fast attacks. While Wander is out of reach, the Fourteenth Colossus will throw itself against the stone ruins as the player traverses their makeshift walkway. Wander will soon reach a handful of much taller pillars that must be knocked over by the Colossus to create new paths forward. This series of platforms eventually circles back to an elevated stone deck near the city's entrance. Baiting the Colossus into ramming the deck's only support will cause the structure to collapse directly onto the creature, shattering its armor and revealing its weak point.


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