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    The Fruit of Grisaia

    Game » consists of 10 releases. Released Feb 25, 2011

    A visual novel about a boy who becomes the first male student at Mihama Academy, a private school aimed at helping youths who have trouble fitting into society.

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    Sakaki Yumiko's attempting to strike Kazami Yuuji.
    Sakaki Yumiko's attempting to strike Kazami Yuuji.

    The Fruit of Grisaia is the first in the Grisaia trilogy of visual novels developed by Front Wing and was originally published on the PC as an eroge title on February 25, 2011. Prototype later ported The Fruit of Grisaia to the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita in 2013. These ports removed all of Grisaia's adult content while also adding additional scenes with new artwork and voice acting to the game. Sekai Project published an English version of The Fruit of Grisaia on Steam in 2015, which included all of the new content from the portable releases.


    On October 10, 2014 Sekai Project announced a Kickstarter fundraising campaign to bring the entire "Grisaia Trilogy" to the West. The Kickstarter launched on December 16, 2014 with a goal of $160,000 and ended on January 31, 2015 with a total of $475,255 raised. The "all-ages" editions of the Grisaia series were brought to Steam by Sekai Project and DenpaSoft, an imprint of Sekai, sold the 18+ releases of the games on their homepage. The team from TLWiki that created the 2013 unofficial translation of The Fruit of Grisaia worked with Sekai Project to translate the entire trilogy and used their fan translation as the base for the official release of the first title.


    Matsushima Michiru
    Matsushima Michiru

    Kazami Yuuji is a troubled youth with a dark past and a military upbringing. Following a series of unfortunate events, he now wishes for a normal high school life while working his job "part-time." Unfortunately, Mihama Academy is anything but normal. As the only male in a student body of six, he stands to play an important role in the complicated and troubled lives of those five other students, while having to figure out how to live with his own demons. Despite these dark circumstances, the game carries a very light-hearted and comical tone, with its sense of humor being its biggest selling point.


    The game has a fairly basic structure. There are very few dialog choices. There's a lengthy common route that branches off in five directions with extensive chapters for each main heroine. The common route is almost purely comedy, and the heroine chapters are mostly comedic for their first halves and take a turn for the dramatic during their second halves.


    Grisaia no Kajitsu's original soundtrack album artwork
    Grisaia no Kajitsu's original soundtrack album artwork

    Grisaia no Kajitsu received a 2-disk original soundtrack release with contributions from notable Japanese composer group Elements Garden (known for their work in anime and video game soundtracks).

    As well as performances from Japanese female singers Hiromi Sato, Chata, Miyuki Hashimoto Faylan, and Japanese pop rock music bang Eufonius. The soundtrack was released on Mar 09, 2011. Avaliable at CDJapan and Play-Asia.

    Disc 1

    #Track ListingsDuration
    01The Final Fractal (Game Size)2:02
    05The Forest of Doubt4:33
    06Just Like Today5:15

    Disc 2

    #Track ListingsDuration
    01Orange Sunshine1:42
    02After the Rain, the Shining Road1:40
    03Dog Days1:36
    04Your Town1:35
    05The Moon is Watching1:41
    06Sky in a Bottle1:38
    07Rainy Summer Angel1:38
    08TOY BOX1:37
    09Shootin' Cat1:45
    10Beautiful Place1:40
    11Everyday Warmth1:37
    12Flowers in Bloom2:19
    13Soles of my Shoes1:44
    14Want to Smile......1:32
    15Jumbo Fruit Parfait DX1:24
    16Colorful Seeds1:34
    21Apple Clash1:29
    22ROCK YOU1:48
    23Lemon Candy2:01
    24Strawberry Shower1:49
    25Grape Drops1:45
    26in the air3:17
    27Days Flow By -sweet fruits memories-1:56
    28little clown1:55
    29Until the New Day Dawns2:03
    30to Happy1:44

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