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    The Fury

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    The Flame Soldier of the Cobra Unit in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

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    The Fury is part of the Cobra Unit in Metal Gear Solid 3 and uses a flamethrower and jet pack to attack Naked Snake. He was once a Russian cosmonaut, but was burned horribly while re-entering the Earth's atmosphere. Delirious with pain, he looked out the window through the flames, and realized it looked like the entire world was on fire. Enraged at what had happened to him due to the failures of others, he became the Fury, channeling his rage into a flamethrower to further his vision of a burning Earth. His jet pack uses rocket fuel so that it burns longer when he flies over Snake and his flamethrower has a very long range. Sigint describes The Fury's flamethrower being unique, as it uses liquid rocket fuel, using a mixture of UDMH - Unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine and NTO - nitrogen tetroxide, allowing the fire to stay aflame long after it has been set ablaze. When the player defeats the Fury he blasts himself into the roof of his underground area and dies. Upon this impact, two fiery ghosts inexplicably exploded from the Fury's body and collapsed the tunnel and chased Snake through to the passage to Groznyj Grad.

    Boss Fight

    The Fury confronts Snake through a wall of fire that comes from a side passage in an underground passage. The Fury only has the ability to attack with his flamethrower and jet pack, both of which have a very large area of effect and leave traces of fire in the area. His suit can be ripped open before the battle ends by attacking him with a knife. After the fight is finished, The Fury takes his helmet off and reverts back to thinking that he is a cosmonaut and talks to mission control about how he could see Earth and crashes into the roof of the underground tunnel and then consumed by fire he charges at Snake for one final attack.


    • Upon being non-lethally defeated in MGS3, he drops the "Fire" camouflage pattern, which makes Snake take half the normal damage from fire and explosions, as well as burn resistance.
    • The Fury has a similar look to that of the Fire Trooper from the original Metal Gear.
    • On his helmet it has the words БЕИ, which have no meaning in Russian. However, it's similar to the word БЕЙ, which means "hit" or "beat."

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