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The Great Devoid is an immense magical chasm situated beyond the eastern mountains near Myrgard. It is a monument to the power once wielded by the Callieach, an ancient and long-dead race of spellcasters that had the misfortune of coming into conflict with the Trow during the Age of Reason. After many battles, the Callieach came to realize that they did not possess the means to defeat the Trow. Rather than face a slow, methodical extermination at the hands of their aggressors, they resolved to make their opponents' victory as costly as possible, unleashing an earth-shattering spell which consumed not only themselves but many of the Trow who pursued them. The Great Devoid marks the location of their final stand, and is one of the few present-day reminders of the Callieach, who have since come to be known as the Sovereigns of the Time Before.

The defining characteristic of the Great Devoid is its supposedly bottomless nature. Only the Dwarves have been known to explore the Devoid with any regularity, often repelling far into its depths in search of caves and ancient tunnels hidden below the surface. Even they have not seen its nadir, however, and the Devoid has thus become synonymous with oblivion, so much so that the head of Balor was thrown into it at the end of the Great War so that it could be assured he would never return. Alternately, some have conjectured that the Great Devoid's terminus may in fact be another dimension, with one of the more popular theories stating that the otherworldly Fetch hail from the opposite end of the Devoid.

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