The Grey

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    The Grey is an airless vacuum of a desert in the twilight region of Luclin.

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    Sun Revenant Pond
    Sun Revenant Pond

    The Grey is a vacuum created by the Shissar's magic. It was once part of the Scarlet Desert, which lies to the east, but was claimed by the Shissar when they arrived here hundreds of years ago. With their powerful magic they turned the region into a lifeless void, with no breathable air. They did this to ensure that they would be safe from the Greenmist even if the Iksar ever found their way to Luclin, and it also keeps wanderers away from their home, as they will often suffocate before getting anywhere near the massive pyramid. Shissar stalkers roam the dunes of gray sand keeping an eye out for adventurers who employ druids, magicians, or magical items granting them the ability to breathe here. Most of the area seems devoid of life, but the truth is that the sand and rocks themselves are alive just beneath the feet of unwary explorers. Constructs of stone will often spring to life, attacking those who pass through.

    Far to the northwest is a small lake guarded by sun revenants who worship Ro, for the sun is always high in the sky here. In the center of The Grey is an enormous pyramid built from a unique blue alloy and marble. As large as it seems from the outside, it is even larger from within, as it delves deep into the soil of the moon. This pyramid is the Ssraeshza Temple, home to the Shissar people. It is easily one of the most dangerous places in all of Luclin, which means that many highly experienced adventurers make the trek here seeking fortune in the eyes of almost certain death.

    Neighboring Zones


    • Brood of Ssraeshza
    • Disciples of Rhag`Zadune
    • Emperor Ssraeshza


    Notable NPCs

    • An Ancient Shissar Servitor
    • Boulder
    • Crusader Kezzal
    • Hierophant Grazan
    • Revenant Sthzzzizt
    • Revenant Zsshta
    • Stonehand
    • Trembling Earthquake Elemental

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